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Amazon’s Acquisition of One Medical – The Future of Healthcare

Updated: Mar 7


The e-commerce giant Amazon has officially completed its $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical (1Life Healthcare), a primary healthcare services provider with a nationwide presence. The deal was announced in July 2022 but was finalized on February 22nd, 2023 – after months of scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in regard to Amazon’s growing monopolistic power. The move is expected to aid Amazon in its efforts to expand its healthcare business and enhance its existing suite of health and wellness offerings.

Industry Analysis:

The US healthcare market is valued at over $3.6 trillion and is ripe for disruption. The traditional healthcare system in the US is known for its inefficiencies, high costs, and poor patient outcomes. Amazon's entry into the sector is expected to bring about much-needed innovation and efficiency. The company’s vast resources and reach make it an attractive proposition for many players.

Primary care providers like One Medical are the first point of contact for patients seeking healthcare services. They play a critical role in managing chronic conditions, providing preventive care, and improving patient outcomes. One Medical has built a reputation for providing high-quality, tech-enabled primary care services, which is aligned with Amazon's focus on customer-centricity and innovation.


Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers, with a presence in several industries, including healthcare. The company has been working to build out its healthcare business in recent years. It launched an online pharmacy in 2020 aiming to deliver prescription drugs at discounted prices after its $1 billion acquisition of PillPack – a mail-order pharmacy. After last year Amazon lost the auction for the homecare provider Signify Health against CVS, the acquisition of One Medical serves as a competitive edge for Amazon’s healthcare offerings.


One Medical is a primary care provider with a nationwide presence, offering a range of healthcare services to its patients. The company is known for its innovative approach to healthcare, with a focus on technology and patient experience. One Medical has over 100 clinics across the US and a growing network of providers.

Financial Analysis:

The $3.9bn acquisition of One Medical is a significant investment for Amazon, but it is expected to pay off in the long run. One Medical shareholders received $18 per share – a 75% premium as of July 2022. One Medical reported $1 billion in net revenue last year, a 68% increase from 2021, showcasing its rapid growth, which according to Amazon’s executives “is expected to be only the beginning”. The company's net loss is increasing substantially. However, the gross margin and inventory turnover of One Medical show promising figures. The company’s financial performance is indicative of the growing demand for tech-enabled primary care services, which Amazon is well-positioned to leverage.


One Medical will continue to operate as a separate business unit within Amazon, and its CEO, Amir Dan Rubin, will remain in his position. Amazon is expected to leverage One Medical's expertise in tech-enabled primary care services to expand its healthcare services. The acquisition will also enable Amazon to offer affordable, high-quality primary care to its employees, which is aligned with its focus on employee wellness.

Risks and Prospects:

While Amazon’s foray into the healthcare industry could prove to be a game-changer, it may continue to face regulatory challenges. The FTC has promised to continue investigating and preserves its rights to unwind the deal at a later point. Amazon has already faced criticism for how it handles data privacy, and regulators may keep a close eye on One Medical to ensure that Amazon does not misuse patient data. Additionally, integrating One Medical with Amazon's existing healthcare services could be a challenging task that takes time to achieve the desired outcome.

On the prospects side, the acquisition is likely to result in significant cost savings and increased efficiency in One Medical's operations, increasing the care provider’s financial stability. The deal will help One Medical to scale its services and expand its footprint, potentially making healthcare more accessible to underserved communities. Amazon has the financial clout and technological prowess to help One Medical achieve its ambitious expansion plans. Additionally, the deal is expected to benefit Amazon's employees who will gain access to One Medical's services.


Amazon's acquisition of One Medical is a significant development for the healthcare industry. With Amazon's vast resources and technological expertise, the deal has the potential to disrupt the traditional healthcare model and make it more accessible and affordable to all. However, there are regulatory risks and integration challenges that Amazon must navigate. The acquisition will also bring significant benefits to One Medical, which will be able to scale up its operations and expand its reach, potentially serving more patients. All in all, only time will show if Amazon will be able to utilize One Medical’s resources to deliver on the promise of more convenient and easily accessible quality healthcare.

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